Brexit VAT compliance


If you are doing business between the EU and the UK then Brexit comes as a new challenge to deal with. New regulations and requirements will be enforced and you must ready your business to minimize the impact. Our Brexit-proof VAT Compliance services prepare your company for Brexit making sure your expanding business is VAT compliant.

VAT Registration

We investigate whether your current VAT registrations are sufficient after Brexit or new ones are required. Since your business model will have a direct impact on this, our VAT experts will perform a full assessment of your situation to determine the best solutions for your company. If a VAT registration is the best option for you, we prepare and file all required documents on your behalf, in order to be issued all required VAT numbers as soon as possible. Thanks to our excellent and long-lasting working relationships with tax authorities around the world, your VAT registration will be a smooth and efficient process.

Brexit impact example: Goods with a value of GBP 135 or less sold from Amazon Germany warehouse to the UK are subject to UK VAT. Seller must be VAT registered in the UK.


All businesses providing digital services in the UK or the UE under the MOSS scheme will need to adapt their existing registration or even apply for a new VAT registration.

Brexit impact example: UK business providing Digital services to the EU will need to register under the non-EU VAT MOSS scheme in an E27 member state after Brexit’s date.

EORI number

In addition to VAT registrations, if your business involves import or export of physical goods into the EU or UK, there is a possibility that you may require a new EORI number. This will ensure you can continue your operations avoiding costs and delays when clearing customs. Global VAT Compliance Brexit Solutions will help you in this matter as well.

Fiscal Representation

Fiscal Representation will be another issue to deal with before Brexit, as certain countries require to non-EU businesses to appoint a VAT representative to be able to be VAT registered. In addition, only specific companies who comply with exhaustive requirements and are approved by local tax authorities can be appointed as Fiscal Representatives. Global VAT Compliance Fiscal Representation services comply with all these requirements and can act your Fiscal Representative in all your required countries.

Brexit impact example: Belgium will required all UK businesses to appoint a Fiscal Representative for VAT purposes in order to continue conducting their operation before Brexit’s date. 

VAT Reporting

When UK leaves the EU and by the end of the transition period, VAT reporting will suffer changes as well. Depending on your businesses, some reportings will no longer apply and new ones will arise. A thorough assessment of your situation will be crucial for the correct application of import and export rules which will have a direct impact not only on VAT and customs requirements and returns but on the physical move of goods as well.

Brexit impact example: Distance selling arrangements will no longer apply to UK businesses who will be able to zero rate sales of goods to EU consumers. In addition, all goods entering the EU from 3-party countries, including the UK, will be subject to import VAT and custom duties.

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